When you “blend” NFT’s you are actually burning or destroying a few NFT’s to get a newly created NFT. For example you may be asked to “blend” two bronze Story Coins with a base level or common variety Story Key Card to get an uncommon variety Story Key Card. In this example you are blending in order to get a higher variety card. This is something that many card collectors like to do.

Another reason you may have to “blend” is to access a totally new card. For example you may have to blend two Story Coins with a Character Card to get access to a brand new Story Key Card. This may be the card you need to access the next part of a Choose Your Own Adventure story path that you want to continue on.

Some of our blends will be ongoing and some of our blends will have specific start times for those who want to race to get the first mint available. As our story evolves so will our crafting and blending uses!