In the NFTStory.Cards world we have a few different kind of NFT’s. The most important are those that are Story Key Cards. You can identify these cards by the small “key” icon in the top corner of the card.

If one of our NFT’s has one of these key icons that means the card can be used to unlock a specific story or part of a story. We are still a few weeks away from launching the story portal but once it’s live you’ll be able to log in with your WAX Cloud Wallet and access different stories based on which Key Cards are in your wallet.

At this time our Story Portal will only work with the WAX Cloud Wallet so if you are storing your NFT Story Cards in another wallet you’ll want to create a WAX Cloud Wallet and transfer them there to access the stories.

When Season 1 of our Choose Your Own Adventure series begins the Key Cards will be the way you access the story path you wish to pursue!