The NFT space is a whole new frontier with lots of innovation and creativity. We want to continue to help foster both of these traits in the NFT community by innovating on the NFT collectible card and adding a new element: the story.

NFT Story Cards are unique keys that will grant you access to a specific story (or parts of a story). This gives us the ability to have a beautiful collectible card that has additional functions outside of its collectibility. They will be the keys to unlocking original stories and choosing the path you wish to take in our Choose Your Own Adventure stories!

While creating this project we have worked hard to try to balance the love of collectors and that of readers. Not all story lovers care about blending NFT’s, mint numbers, and different card varieties but we know that NFT collectors do care about many of these aspects. Throughout the process we’ve tried to take both aspects into account.

As we launch each phase of NFTStory.Cards you’ll see aspects that will appeal more to collectors such as being able to race to get low mint numbers as well as aspects for the story lover who doesn’t want to have to take the time to hunt for cards and craft different card variations. With everything in the NFT space, we’re learning as we go. We’re excited to have you along for the ride!